Access to Opportunities

Even when communities are relatively close to a larger centre, only those with cars can easily get to and from work, medical appointments, extra-curricular activities, or special events.

Purchase a large van or bus that collects people from communities within 100km of Kenora to enable those without cars to get to jobs and participate in different activities outside their communities.  

Internet access is patchy in many communities and non-existent in others, undermining its power to level the playing field.

Put up one or more towers to bring broadband internet access to all communities to facilitate distance/remote learning, improve outreach and communication, and enable community members to apply for social benefits or education and recreation programs online.

For community members in urgent need of services or various government benefits, finding their way through the maze of providers and eligibility requirements can be overwhelming and discouraging.

Create and train a dedicated team of Client/Family Advocates to help people navigate each system to ensure they receive the services and benefits to which they are entitled.